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**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

# Copyright 2013 Red Hat, Inc.

# All Rights Reserved.


# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may

# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain

# a copy of the License at


# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0


# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software

# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT

# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the

# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations

# under the License.

import logging

from oslo.config import cfg

from nova import exception

import nova.image.download.base as xfer_base

from nova.openstack.common.gettextutils import _

import nova.virt.libvirt.utils as lv_utils


LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

opt_group = cfg.ListOpt(name='filesystems', default=[],

help=_('List of file systems that are configured '

'in this file in the '

'image_file_url: '


CONF.register_opt(opt_group, group="image_file_url")

# This module extends the configuration options for nova.conf. If the user

# wishes to use the specific configuration settings the following needs to

# be added to nova.conf:

# [image_file_url]

# filesystem =


# For each entry in the filesystem list a new configuration section must be

# added with the following format:

# [image_file_url:]

# id =

# mountpoint =


# id:

# An opaque string. In order for this module to know that the remote

# FS is the same one that is mounted locally it must share information

# with the glance deployment. Both glance and nova-compute must be

# configured with a unique matching string. This ensures that the

# file:// advertised URL is describing a file system that is known

# to nova-compute

# mountpoint:

# The location at which the file system is locally mounted. Glance

# may mount a shared file system on a different path than nova-compute.

# This value will be compared against the metadata advertised with

# glance and paths will be adjusted to ensure that the correct file

# file is copied.


# If these values are not added to nova.conf and the file module is in the

# allowed_direct_url_schemes list, then the legacy behavior will occur such

# that a copy will be attempted assuming that the glance and nova file systems

# are the same.

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

class FileTransfer(xfer_base.TransferBase):

desc_required_keys = ['id', 'mountpoint']

#NOTE(jbresnah) because the group under which these options are added is

# dyncamically determined these options need to stay out of global space

# or they will confuse generate_sample.sh

filesystem_opts = [


help=_('A unique ID given to each file system. This is '

'value is set in Glance and agreed upon here so '

'that the operator knowns they are dealing with '

'the same file system.')),


help=_('The path at which the file system is mounted.')),


**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def _get_options(self):

        fs_dict = {}

        for fs in CONF.image_file_url.filesystems:

            group_name = 'image_file_url:' + fs

            conf_group = CONF[group_name]

            if conf_group.id is None:

                msg = _('The group %s(group_name) must be configured with '

                        'an id.')

                raise exception.ImageDownloadModuleConfigurationError(

                    module=str(self), reason=msg)

            fs_dict[CONF[group_name].id] = CONF[group_name]

        return fs_dict

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def __init__(self):

        # create the needed options

        for fs in CONF.image_file_url.filesystems:

            group_name = 'image_file_url:' + fs

            CONF.register_opts(self.filesystem_opts, group=group_name)

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def _verify_config(self):

        for fs_key in self.filesystems:

            for r in self.desc_required_keys:

                fs_ent = self.filesystems[fs_key]

                if fs_ent[r] is None:

                    msg = _('The key %s is required in all file system '



                    raise exception.ImageDownloadModuleConfigurationError(

                        module=str(self), reason=msg)

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def _file_system_lookup(self, metadata, url_parts):

        for r in self.desc_required_keys:

            if r not in metadata:

                url = url_parts.geturl()

                msg = _('The key %(r)s is required in the location metadata '

                        'to access the url %(url)s.') % {'r': r, 'url': url}


                raise exception.ImageDownloadModuleMetaDataError(

                    module=str(self), reason=msg)

        id = metadata['id']

        if id not in self.filesystems:

            msg = _('The ID %(id)s is unknown.') % {'id': id}



        fs_descriptor = self.filesystems[id]

        return fs_descriptor

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def _normalize_destination(self, nova_mount, glance_mount, path):

        if not path.startswith(glance_mount):

            msg = (_('The mount point advertised by glance: %(glance_mount)s, '

                     'does not match the URL path: %(path)s') %

                     {'glance_mount': glance_mount, 'path': path})

            raise exception.ImageDownloadModuleMetaDataError(

                module=str(self), reason=msg)

        new_path = path.replace(glance_mount, nova_mount, 1)

        return new_path

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

    def download(self, context, url_parts, dst_file, metadata, **kwargs):

        self.filesystems = self._get_options()

        if not self.filesystems:

            #NOTE(jbresnah) when nothing is configured assume legacy behavior

            nova_mountpoint = '/'

            glance_mountpoint = '/'



            fs_descriptor = self._file_system_lookup(metadata, url_parts)

            if fs_descriptor is None:

                msg = (_('No matching ID for the URL %s was found.') %


                raise exception.ImageDownloadModuleError(reason=msg,


            nova_mountpoint = fs_descriptor['mountpoint']

            glance_mountpoint = metadata['mountpoint']

        source_file = self._normalize_destination(nova_mountpoint,



        lv_utils.copy_image(source_file, dst_file)

        LOG.info(_('Copied %(source_file)s using %(module_str)s') %

                 {'source_file': source_file, 'module_str': str(self)})

def get_download_handler(**kwargs):

    return FileTransfer()

def get_schemes():

    return ['file', 'filesystem']

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

def get_download_handler(**kwargs):

    return FileTransfer()

**** CubicPower OpenStack Study ****

def get_schemes():

    return ['file', 'filesystem']